Interference Journal Issue 4

Dr. Rachel O’ Dwyer (Editor in Chief)

Rachel O’Dwyer lectures in the School of Computer Science and Statistics in Trinity College Dublin.
She is facilitator of the Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA 2.0), dedicated to showcasing the work of artists and technologists and providing a forum for the intersection of these disciplines She has curated various panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions on subjects such as sound studies, network cultures and the digital commons within Dublin and internationally. She has published on audio culture and various aspects of technology studies and the political economy of communications, most recently in Fibreculture,  Neural and Ephemera.

Dr. Linda O Keeffe (Editor)

Linda O Keeffe is a sound artist based in Dublin Ireland. She received a BA in Fine Art from IADT, 2002, and an MA in Fine Art Virtual Realities from The National College of Art and Design, Ireland in 2004. She received a Post Graduate Diploma in Media Studies in 2008. She complete a PhD in the Sociology Dept. at N.U.I. Maynooth exploring the ‘Sociology of the Constructed Soundscape’. She is a lecturer for Sound and Image at the Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Art. O Keeffe has exhibited in China the USA, Canada and Europe. Her work is predominantly sound based with a focus on installation and performance. She is releasing a collaborative album this year, which was funded by the Irish Research Council, Derry Soundscapes. Her publications include, Sound is not a simulation: Methodologies for examining the experience of soundscapes, a book chapter in Game Sound Technology and Player Interaction: Concepts and Developments, Thinking Through New Methodologies-Sounding out the city with teenagers, published January 2015 by the International Qualitative Sociological Review, (Sound)Walking Through Smithfield Square in Dublin, published in Sound Studies Blog. She won an artist in residency and solo show in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre for November 2014.

Sven Anderson (Journal Manager)

Sven Anderson is an artist researcher and interactive designer. He is currently working towards a PhD at Trinity College Dublin that situates the practice of sound installation in public space within the larger fields of architecture and urban design. His research explores how the practice of sound installation can be integrated within architectural, landscape, and urbanist design methodologies, with a strong focus on how site-specific sound installations function within public spaces. Anderson has been based between Ireland and the US since 2002, and his work has been installed and performed in Ireland, England, Germany, and the US.

Dr. Sarah Dunne (Reviews Editor)

Sarah Dunne is a visual artist and musician based in Dublin. She completed her BA at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork in 2006 and her MA at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton in 2007. Her MA practice was concerned with the role of sound and vibration in generating spatial ‘presence’ and how a sculptural object can be altered by sound. She is currently undertaking a PhD in the sculpture department in National College of Art and Design.

Dr. Brian Bridges

Brian Bridges is a composer, lecturer and electronic musician from Dublin. His creative work includes sound-based installations, audiovisual pieces and electroacoustic and acoustic composition. Since 2008, he has been a lecturer at the University of Ulster’s School of Creative Arts and Technologies in Derry, Northern Ireland. He is a member of the Spatial Music Collective, a group of Dublin-based composers dedicated to the composition and presentation of spatial music for instruments and electronics. His pieces have been programmed at festivals in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Cuba, China and Ecuador and he is represented by the Contemporary Music Centre.

Tony Doyle (Web Manager)

Tony Doyle is an Irish musician/performer/composer/producer/lecturer. Undergraduate studies were in Jazz music performance and composition at Newpark School of Music, classical performance at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and classical composition at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). Postgraduate studies were in Music and Media Technologies at TCD. Currently he is pursuing an Irish Research Council funded PhD at the Digital Media Arts Research Centre (DMARC) University of Limerick. Research areas include Psychoacoustics, Auditory Scene Analysis, Multichannel Audio, Multichannel Composition.  Doyle has performed in Ireland the UK, Holland, Chicago and Japan. He has studied  contemporary composition techniques with Ensemble Modern in Japan (Funded by Culture Ireland) and the Irish Contemporary Composition Summer School (ConTempo String Quartet). He has lectured on media theory, media technology and film music studies in the Communication and Media studies departments in Dublin City University (DCU).

Kate Carr

Kate Carr is a sound artist from Sydney, Australia currently residing in Belfast. Her work explores our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural world and investigates the blurred boundaries between place, non-place, being and imagining. She runs the Flaming Pines experimental electronic music label, has released music in the USA, Hungary, France, Australia and the United Kingdom, and her work has been included in gallery based installation shows in Sydney, New York, London and Washington DC. Her most recent release is Overheard in Doi Saket, which is based on recordings taken during a residency in Thailand in 2013 and released via the Hungarian field recording imprint 3Leaves.