Month: February 2019

woman instinct

Woman’s Powerful 6th Sense

There’s this thing called “woman’s instinct. It is often referred to as a woman’s intuition or a woman’s ability to feel if there’s something wrong in her relationship. It’s that prevailing thought that tells you something is wrong even before any signs appear.

There are some who claim that this female instinct is just a myth; and that there is no actual evidence that proves such ability claiming that it could just be attributed to a woman’s manner of thinking and overly-sensitive nature.

However, science may not be able to explain it but a woman’s instinct may be the most powerful force there is – or at least, that’s what I choose to believe in.

Women’s Instincts

There are theories that suggest that women are equipped with a highly enhanced ability to read facial expressions and emotions. As a woman myself, I acknowledge the fact that we are also good at interpreting actions and gestures; and by nature, we are more sensitive to subtle emotional messages.

Based on history, these qualities of a woman may have developed as a result of being regarded as “less powerful” or “inferior to man” based on social structure. We have this tendency to draw our strength from our innermost feelings rather than relying on our physical strength.

History suggests that during ancient times, women were merely “seen and not heard”. Women are confined in their homes or doing domestic work for their families and husbands.

Since they were regarded as the “weaker sex”, their opinions don’t matter in society. This enabled them to develop a keen sense of observation which enabled them to become more attuned with their innate feelings and nonverbal thoughts.

If It Doesn’t Feel Right, Something Isn’t Really Right!

Have you ever found yourself wondering why your boyfriend doesn’t text you even if you’re 100% sure that he hasn’t forgotten his mobile phone? Or, have you ever had those nagging strange thoughts whenever your husband goes on an out-of-town trip with his workmates?

Here’s the sad truth for women; if something doesn’t feel right, or if there’s a lingering feeling of uncertainty about something, chances are or 99% of the time, something that’s not supposed to happen is actually taking place.

It could be something as minor as harmless flirting or it could actually be more than that. 

A Personal Encounter With Mr. Cheater

Every woman reacts differently so therefore, I can only speak for myself. In my case, I left the minute I confirmed that my fiancé, Troy, was cheating on me.

To make matters worse, that happened at the time when we’re already planning for our wedding and finalizing a deal we just made with a Miami properties company.

We were already set to move into this dreamy 2-bedroom house with an outdoor patio and a wonderful neighborhood when I decided to call off the wedding and end the relationship. 

To cut the long story short, he got involved with another girl who works in the same building where his office is located. It started out as a sudden out-of-town “work-related trip”, late-night “emergency” text messages, “boys” night out and game night, “corporate” meetings, and random “business” phone calls.

Troy started accusing me of being paranoid but I knew something was terribly wrong. I waited until I had a perfect opportunity to catch him red-handed and my instincts never failed me. As soon as I confirmed that he’s been cheating on me, I packed my bags and left him for good. 

It Doesn’t Take a Genius

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a genius to see the red flags. More than our instincts, the reality is oftentimes as bright as the broad daylight. We just choose to look the other way.

And there are many reasons why we do this; perhaps because of love, plans for the future, that lingering hope that things might still get better, or out of sheer convenience. Still, regardless of any reason, a woman’s instinct is undeniable. If something feels wrong, there’s always a basis for it hidden somewhere. It’s just a matter of time for it to be revealed.