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5 Warning Signs That He Is Cheating on You

There is this proverbial saying that says; “some people are like dark clouds because when they disappear, it’s a brighter day!” That’s why, as women, we have to learn how to choose our battles carefully when dealing with our relationships.

There are times when it’s best to just walk away and leave because not all relationships are worth fighting for. In my case, I was brave enough to lose and leave the battlefield which was the exact reason why I won myself back. And for that, I saw brighter days ahead of me.

If your woman’s instinct is suddenly on the roll and for some reason, you feel that sense of uncertainty in your relationship; chances are that there must be something wrong.

Instead of nagging and putting up a fight, work silently and try to validate your feelings. It’s better to find out no matter how painful it is than to be left out there in the dark.

Cheater caught
Cheater being caught

Here are 5 warning signs that your man is cheating on you;

1. Changes in his usual and predictable behavior

If you’ve been together for quite some time, you would know his daily routine and his usual predictable behavior. Anything that is out of the usual could be a warning sign.

For instance, he suddenly mutes his mobile phone, he’s becoming secretive about his calls and text messages (he might be using some private phone chat lines or even worst, he might be using phone sex chat to contact others), he listens to music he normally wouldn’t listen to, and he’s suddenly paying more attention to his looks. Things that are out of the ordinary could signal that something different is going on.

2. He’s becoming defensive whenever you ask questions

This is very typical among men. During the early stages of a relationship which I call the “honeymoon” period, he would entertain all your questions. Sometimes, he would even love the idea of you getting jealous and would take that as an opportunity to become more intimate.

The sad thing is that; the honeymoon period ends at a certain point. And when the relationship starts to enter a comfortable level, that’s when a man starts to seek a new sense of adventure. And when we start to question those changes; men start to become defensive.

3. He starts to get busier at work

When your man suddenly starts to work for extended hours with a busier schedule and more frequent out-of-town business trips, this could be another warning sign.

Men are easily fascinated and intrigued by other women especially those who are gutsy enough to approach them in a provocative manner and willing to give them time. So if you feel that your man is spending far lesser time with you, maybe it’s time for you to find out why.

4. He suddenly needs a lot of privacy and personal space

If your man truly loves you, he wouldn’t mind spending a lot of quality time with you whether it’s just for a movie night, a good conversation over a cup of coffee, or a romantic dinner at home.

If he refuses to spend some time with you and prefers to be on his own or with his friends, you should start thinking about ways to validate your thoughts. It may not be a sure sign that he’s cheating on your but it’s a definitive sign that he’s losing interest.

5. He finds you annoying and points out your flaws

This might be the most painful of all the signs. If you sense that he doesn’t appreciate you anymore as he used to no matter how hard you try, it could be a warning sign that he’s losing interest.

Sometimes, men see certain qualities in other women that they don’t possess. For example; if you have a mellow personality by nature, your man might be fascinated by another woman who’s more spontaneous and fun.

Or, if your fashion sense is on the conservative side, he might find a woman in a short skirt and crop top more attractive. The idea is that; men are easily excited and drawn to women who seem to have something new to offer.

A woman’s intuition is her most powerful weapon. So if you feel that there’s something going on with your boyfriend, partner or husband, check for these 5 warning signs. From there, you can take action and determine if the relationship is still worth fighting for.

However, keep in mind that sometimes, you have to lose the battle and leave in order to win yourself back. Getting out of an unhealthy relationship that involves cheating is much like stepping out into the sun and facing a brighter day.